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Get Ready to Boost Your ROI with Cutting-Edge Email Marketing Techniques!
Get Ready to Boost Your ROI with Cutting-Edge Email Marketing Techniques!

If you would like to setup a teams meeting for next week that would be great! Please send an invite.

Yes, we would like to understand more about your service. Feel free to send invitation to both of us.

Lets schedule some time and you can walk me through a demo of your product. I can do afternoon tomorrow.

Thanks for getting in touch! I am the new dept head and would love to chat. Feel free to book a time on my calendar.

This is interesting, could we do a call and you give us some technical details to see if this is applicable to us?

I'm open to learning more about what you guys do. Want to set up a phone call this week?

I mentioned this to my boss and I think it would be worth an introduction. Do you have some time next week to discuss?

This does sound interesting as we're working to engage our workforce. Our team is available at the times below.

Could we meet on Monday for a phone call or if you’d like to come by the kitchen?

Please arrange a 30min introduction with Shirley. The ops director and I will participate.

I am interested in learning more about how we could utilize you to grow. Send some times to speak on Friday.

I scheduled a Zoom meeting on you calendar. Please propose another time if this doesn't work for you.

Worth a chat. How's tomorrow at 11:00 PT?

We would be very interested in this. What's your availability next week?

We are always looking for vendors/subcontractors for our projects. Can you send me your calendar please?

I would definitely be interested in talking to you. Just let me know when your available.

Happy to connect. Can you shoot over some times next week that works for you?

I have an RFQ that I will be sending out soon. I have attached an NDA to sign, then I can send the RFQ.

Thank you for reaching out please send me some examples of addendums

Interesting model and yes, I'd like to talk

I actually do have an interest in your products. I have some availability early next week. See times below.

Thanks for the email. Please feel free to reach out to me on the below number. I am always interested in improvement.

Yes - I manage the financial planning for our company. I have some time for a call on Wednesday afternoon.

I'm happy to have an introductory conversation. How's Thursday at 1PM EST sound?

Sure, I'd be happy to chat. This sounds interesting.

We have some interest in these strategies. Let's set up a time to learn more.

Perfect timing! Let's set up a call tomorrow please.

Thank you for reaching out. I am copying my colleague on this email. Please setup a meeting with him.

Always open to an intro call. Let me know what your schedule looks like this week

Great timing as we are interested in scaling. Are you free this Friday to jump on a call and chat?

I would be happy to speak with you. Can we arrange time tomorrow morning?

Here is my calendar link. I am busy tomorrow but lets chat Monday

I'm intrigued... can we set up 15 mins to talk on Friday? Sometime between 2-4pm EST?

Thanks for reaching out. How about, say next Tuesday at 10 am CST or sooner. Looking forward to the introductory call.

Let's chat - hit me with a booking link.

Yes I would like to have a call with you today or tomorrow if you have time.

Great to e-meet you as well. We can definitely have a chat earlier next week.

A partner in the firm gave me your email address to set up a time for us to have a chat. Please send your calendar link.

I would like to set up a time for us to have a quick conversation.

Thanks for circling back here - Could we schedule a 15 min call this week?

Yes, I would be interested in learning more about this program. Thank you,

I'll have our engineering team put together drawing package for you to quote.

Can we schedule a demo for next week?

Please schedule 25-minutes and also invite my partner (cc'd)

Yes I'd like to discuss the mentioned software and see if it something that may benefit us.

I'd like to hear more about your company and how we might partner on some projects. Can you call me Wednesday afternoon?

I'm excited to set up a phone call with you. Please let me know when the best time to call you.

It's funny that you inquired - I am actually need of a new one. Give me call later today after 4 pm.

Can we set up a time to hear what services you provide and possibly set up for you to come to our facility?

Sure, let's talk next week, send me an invite.

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have any gearing/coupler capability?

Can you talk at 930 am or 10 am today PST?

This sounds interesting. We can definitely do a call to discuss further.

Thank you for reaching out. I'm interested in learning more. How do I schedule that brief introductory call with you?

Thanks for reaching out. Yes, would be interested in talking.

The team here would like to have an introductory call with you to discuss your capabilities.

Sure! Would love to learn more. Feel free to grab a time on my calendar below.

Interested to hear how you work. Do you have time early next week to chat?

This is something we're interested in for sure. Can you share a bit more information so we can schedule a call.

Thanks for reaching out and I'd be open to a conversation.

I would be interested in a discussion of your services. Would you have some time on Thursday in the afternoon?

Sure, 9:30 Thursday?

This looks like an interesting offering. I'd be open to chatting. Can you set up 30 min with me on my calendly?

Well, I am actually taking over new space next door (as of yesterday). Can you chat later next week?

I would like to hear more. Let me know if you have some time next week that can work.

Would love to chat with you. Would you have time next week Friday at 8:30 or 9 am PST?

We have a need for high precision plastic parts. Please send me your availability.

Sure, I'd be happy to chat. When are you free?

Sure I am willing see what you have. Please feel free to schedule for later next week or the following week.

Yes, happy to speak. May we speak over the weekend or early next week?

Can you do onsite demos? When could you possibly be here?

I am open to connecting with you and would love to learn more.

Thanks for reaching out and I'd be open to a conversation. What does the end of this week look like for you?

I'd love to schedule a call with you. Please let me know when works best for you.

Yea, I'm interested in learning more. When are you free next week?

I would like to get a quote on a banner sign. Please call me tomorrow morning.

I actually happen to have a part I'm trying to source at the moment that could be a good fit for you guys.

I would be happy to setup a call to discuss your services and prices. Are you available tomorrow afternoon?

Do you have time for a quick call next week? I'd like to hear more about your company.

We have some complicated machining part you can take a look at. I can show you over a call next week.

Yes we would be interested in an introductory call with our ops, maintenance director, and engineering dept.

You have peaked my interest. Let's schedule a call to see what you have to offer.

Would you be able to speak at 10 AM? Please call me cell number, the information is below.

I'm looping in our Managing Director - can you please schedule an intro call with her

I have availability this Friday from 9am-12pm CST. Does that timeframe work for you?

I would be interested in hearing more about the process and pricing for such an event. How's your schedule Monday?

Sure, let's setup a call.

I would definitely be interested in a coversation to learn more about this.

I am in major need of signage for our office doors I have attached pictures of the door. Please let me know the cost.

Hi! I'd be happy to explore further, are you free tomorrow around 11:30am EST?

Sure thing. When are you free next week?

I am currently taking bids actually! Do you have time to stop in?

Let's talk, I might have a project for your team.

Yes, we would be interested talking to you.

Sure, let's talk tomorrow or Monday.

I'm available now if you want to chat, call me.

Sure. Let's set something up.

I've attached an RFQ. Curious if you would be able to achieve this design and what plastics you would have as options.

I took a look at your website and am interested. I would like to get an introduction of your capabilities.

I am open for a brief conversation to discuss your software. Feel free to call me at your convenience.

Trusted by 300+ wonderful companies

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Hi there, we're Receptive. Think of our service like a digital handshake that introduces your business to the decision makers who matter. We contact hundreds of people for you everyday by email. Once we get an interested lead, we turn the conversation over to you.
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Getting leads into your inbox is a puzzle we've been solving for years. Here are some of the key pieces that help us deliver phenomenal results.
100% Done-For-You
Our end-to-end service includes everything from list building and copy writing to inbox monitoring and lead forwarding. Just sit back and get interested leads delivered to your inbox daily.
The best possible prospects
Fresh, accurate data that most people can’t get their hands on. Our contacts are gathered from high quality sources to ensure the leads we deliver are serious, ready-to-buy prospects.
Spam beating technology
Ensuring our clients' campaigns are seen by their prospects used to keep us up at night, until we created this tech. We can’t say too much more about how it works, but it’s pretty cool!
Powerful copy, written from the heart
We craft personalized, conversational copy that gets your prospects to smile, hit reply, and agree to a meeting with you.

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“The ROI on Receptive has been phenomenal. For every dollar we spend on Receptive, we get 8 back, and without a doubt, it has been one of our best performing marketing channels.”

Sam Shepler

"They've exceeded our expectations and goals with a 70% increase in net new opportunities into our sales funnel."

Dev Parsons

“Every day of the week, 5 days a week, we get warm leads dropped into our inbox that we can go and close. They can contact thousands of people and get those leads to you on a daily basis.”

Gavin Rodgers

“Within a week or two of launching we got dozens leads from legitimate companies who wanted to talk to us. Every dollar we invest into Receptive gets us 20 back.”

Paul Neblock
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